Ornaments bring YEAR-ROUND happiness to any decor. Everyday items are available as well.
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When not in use on a Christmas Tree,
enjoy your ornaments
year-round as Table Decor

Use for Special Occasions & Every-Day

    Buffet & Serving Tables
    Coffee & Side Tables
    Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner Tables

     Wedding Cake Ornament Bridal Shower Tablescape on its-ornamental.com

    Bridal or Wedding Shower
    Use the Wedding Cake Ornament
    as table decor
    * then gift it to the Happy Couple *


    Bundle of Joy Stork Ornament & Baby Shoe Ornament Baby Shower Decor its-ornamental.com

    Baby Shower
    Use the Bundle of Joy Stork Ornament
    and/or Baby Shoe Ornament(s)
    as table decor
    * also a perfect gift for the Parents-To-Be *


    Easter Egg Ornament Tree Basket Tablescape on its-ornamental.com Old World Christmas

    Easter Ornament Basket
    Easter Egg Ornaments on stand with
    ball ornaments nestled in paper grass


    Lucky In Love Heart Ornament Tablescape on its-ornamental.com

    Seasonal Displays
    Have fun with your ornaments - you can switch up a display by changing your ornament for a new season, holiday, or whenever the mood strikes you

    Seasonal Displays are great on
    shelves & mantles as well

    Celtic Brooch Ornament Tablescape on its-ornamental.com
    Ribbon Candy Ornament Tablescape on its-ornamental.com
    Sunflower Ornament Tablescape on its-ornamental.com
    Maple Leaf Ornament Tablescape on its-ornamental.com
    Holy Cross Ornament Tablescape on its-ornamental.com
    Star of David Ornament Tablescape on its-ornamental.com
    Cupcake Cottage Ornament Tablescape on its-ornamental.com

    "Watch Party" or Cookout - Use the Hot Dog, Cheeseburger, and/or other food/drink ornaments on the serving table at your next cookout - or football / basketball / baseball / soccer / hockey, etc. game "watch party".

    Game Night, Poker Party, Cocktail Party, Movie Night - there are so many ornament options to add pizzazz to the food and drink table.

    Team Party - Use Sport or Game ornaments for your or your child's team get-together.

    Club Meeting - Book, Garden, etc.

    Think of how any particular ornament would fit with your event or get-together. You can use one ornament, combine multiple ornaments, or use a combination of figural and ball ornaments.

    If desired, add other accessories, such as candles, confetti, gems, flowers. There are so many options.

    Whether your decor is simple or elaborate, casual or formal, you can get plenty of good use from your ornaments - at Christmas and then throughout the year.

    Every day is an
    Ornament Day!